Satanic Hispanics

Satanic Hispanics
Rated R Horror 1h 53m September 14, 2023

When police raid a house in El Paso, they find it full of dead bodies, and only one survivor. Known as "The Traveler," he is taken to the police station for questioning. There, he recounts tales of horrors from his life, chronicling portals leading to other worlds, mythical beings, demons and the undead; he speaks of legends from Latin America. SATANIC HISPANICS tells stories by top Latin filmmakers that showcase the skills of Hispanic talent, both on and off screen.

Director: Demián Rugna, Alejandro Brugués, Mi

Writer: Pete Barnstrom, Alejandro Mendez, Lino K. Villa

Producer: Alejandro Brugués, Patrick Ewa

Cast: Efren Ramirez, Greg Grunberg, Hemky Madera, Jonah Ray Rodrigues, Patricia Velásquez

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